Nin Glaister

The entire globe faces a common enemy; it’s time to find common ground.

We’re living in a new reality which is changing daily. “Social Distancing” is isolating and for a lot of us challenging and scary. But we’re all in this together — all of us — no matter where in the world we live, what language we speak, who we pray to, who we vote for, or the colour our skin. The entire globe faces a common enemy; it’s time to find common ground.

The virus brings global insecurity, but it also brings opportunity. Combatting the pandemic will require us to consider new ways to take care of each other. Keeping our distance from each other will require a selflessness that we’ve not had to practice before. After 911, we came together in our collective grief, but back then, we could visit and hug each other. This crisis will require a different kind of love as we learn to take extra precautions against infection, but at the same time exercise compassion and support for our fellow citizens.

What actions can we take to let each other know that we’re here for one another? How can we stay connected when the situation forces us to keep our distance? My friend, Karen Parker Feld, CEO and Founder of Paladin Advisors, is asking her clients to donate their quarterly advisor fees to someone who needs the money more than they do.

“My goal is simple: to have our clients figure out who in their community — it will soon become clear who they are — desperately needs your support. Please give generously and keep track of what you give. In a month’s time, you can let us know how it tallies against your quarterly fee. Any that’s leftover you can send to us.”

Thank you, Karen, for your generosity and setting such an excellent example.

Please share with us your stories of what you’re doing to keep you and your families safe while extending your support to others less fortunate than you.

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